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 Newsletter: AAFCC Oroville

Quarterly newsletter meant to teach, inspire and encourage the youth of the African American Family and Culture Center of Oroville, California.


Q3 2022 Newsletter

Education Options

Financial tip: There are many paths to a satisfying and successful future


Q2 2022 Newsletter

Don’t forget to read…it is Important!

Financial tip: Invest in yourself! You are your most valuable asset


Q1 2022 Newsletter

Foods impact our health in many different ways

Financial tip: Be a wise spender


Q4 2021 Newsletter

Let's make mental health a priority

Financial tip: Recognize the good habits over the bad habits


Q3 2021 Newsletter

Music makes us smarter

Career focus: Accountant


Q2 2021 Newsletter

Think about your future

Career focus: Physical Therapist

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